Materials available online

For more information contact me, especially if any of these or materials on similar themes is of interest to your organisation.

Spatial Data Science: An Introduction

This course covers a lot of the basics of doing geospatial work using R, which enables the inclusion of spatial data into convenient code-based data analysis workflows.

Spatial Analysis and Modelling

An introduction to spatial statistical analysis. Again using R and (for the most part) following the outlines of my book with Dave Unwin Geographical Information Analysis

Geographical Computing

An introduction to python programming for GISers. Using open libraries (primarily geopandas), this course provides a gentle introduction to python programming, using Jupyter notebooks as the medium. I was fortunate to get in on the ground floor of jupyter notebook based teaching while at Berkeley in this very short course.

I also taught an introduction to geospatial technology at Berkeley for several years, entitled Digital Worlds. The slides for that course are available here. This course was what prompted me (eventually) to write Computing Geographically.

Note Unfortunately, if you are not enrolled at a university or associated with a similar institution you might find links to some resources broken (e.g. DOI links to articles that are paywalled, or datasets that I do not have permission to share.)