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Relations, Networks, Flows


Footnote 5

The number of possible shortest paths, i.e., pairs of vertices, choosable from a graph of any given size is given by the numbers in integer sequence A000522.

Footnote 6

The World City Network basic data set is available at the Globalisation and World Cities Research Network website. These data are used in figures 6.5, 6.6, and 6.13.

Figure 6.5

See Footnote 6 above.

Figure 6.6

See Footnote 6 above.

Footnote 8

Stirling numbers of the 2nd kind are in integer sequence A008277. You can obtain values of these numbers at this web page.

Figure 6.7

The trade data used in this Figure and in Figure 6.9 are version 3 of the trade data currently available from the Correlates of War website.

Figure 6.9

See Figure 6.7 above.

Figure 6.13

See Footnote 6 above.

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