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Figure 2.1 A representation of an absolute space
Figures 2.2 and 2.3 and more on cartograms
Figure 2.4 Two point patterns in absolute space
Figures 2.6 Slivers and gaps in a polygon layer
Figure 2.7 Voronoi polygons associated with a set of point locations
Figure 2.8 Voronoi polygons associated with lines and polygons
Figure 2.9 A range of spatial weights applied to polygon data
Links for Chapter 3
Questions for discussion
Figure 3.4 Three twenty levels of web map hierarchy
Figure 3.7 Two simple world projections
Figure 3.8 A loxodrome on the sphere and projected
Figure 3.9 Equal area world in a square
Figure 3.10 Raster aggregation and disaggregation
Links for Chapter 4
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Figure 4.1 Geohashes and hierarchical indexing
Figure 4.3 Many Springfields
Figure 4.5 Te Reo Māori toponyms in Aotearoa
Links for Chapter 5
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Figure 5.1 The 9-intersection model of topological relations
Figure 5.5 Maps of areas with widely varying populations
Figure 5.6 Simple illustration of the modifiable areal unit problem
Figure 5.7 The MAUP aggregation effect
Figure 5.10 Simple regionalization of San Francisco Bay Area
Links for Chapter 6
Questions for discussion 6
Figures 6.5 and 6.6 Reduced world city network viewed various ways
Figure 6.7 World trade network communities
Figure 6.10 The small world rewiring process
Figure 6.11 The small world rewiring process in two dimensions
Figure 6.12 A simple graph drawn nine different ways
Figure 6.14 Relative time map of the Santa Barbara street network
Links for Chapter 7
Questions for discussion 7
Figures 7.2 and 7.3 Goings on in the space-time aquarium
Figure 7.6 Space-time paths for 100 Beijing taxis
Figure 7.7 Coordination in space-time paths
Links for Chapter 8
Questions for discussion 8
Figures 8.1 and 8.2 One-dimensional CA
Figure 8.3 The game of life CA
Figure 8.4 A voter model CA
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