Package weavingspace

See this notebook for some preliminary usage notes.

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#!/usr/bin/env python
# coding: utf-8

See [this notebook]( for some preliminary usage notes.

from ._loom import *
from ._weave_grid import *
from .tileable import *
from .tiling_geometries import *
from .tile_unit import *
from .weave_matrices import *
from .weave_unit import *
from .tile_map import *
from .tiling_utils import *



Classes for tiling maps. Tiling and TiledMap are exposed in the public API and respectively enable …


The TileUnit subclass of Tileable implements many 'conventional' tilings of the plane …


Implements TileShape and Tileable the base classes for TileUnit and …


Functions for setting up a TileUnit with various element geometries. Some care is required in adding new functions that use …


Utility functions for use by various classes in the weavingspace package. Most are geometric convenience functions for commonly applied operations.


Functions to generate the matrices summarising elements of tileable repeating elements that when repeated across a map area give the appearance of a …


The WeaveUnit subclass of Tileable implements tileable geometric patterns constructed by specifying 2- or 3-axial weaves …