Week Content Video Lab material
(mostly Friday)
1 Course introduction
Open science, open source, and doing GIS in code
Links Lab session to get software setup
2 Starting R
The myth of tidy data
Links Introducing R and RStudio
3 Choropleth map design
Data wrangling
Links Making maps
4 Handling tables
Spatial data wrangling
Links Spatial data manipulation (15%)
5 Clustering analysis
Applications of clustering analysis
Links Geographic cluster analysis (20%)
6 Introducing raster data
Working with rasters
Links Help with assignments / self-learn rasters
7 From overlay to regression models
Regression models
Links Building a simple statistical model
8 More on regression
Running a GIS project
Links Introducing the mini-projects (30%)
Help with assignments
9 Other spatial analysis methods
Bonus material on zoomed-in maps
Links Help with assignments / project work
10 Network analysis
Time geography
Links Help with assignments / project work
11 Simulation models Links Project work
12 Project work   Project work